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Available treatment protocols:

  1. Truehope
  2. Pfeiffer / Walsh
  3. Hoffer
  4. Equilib


  1. Truehope protocol:

It is suitable mostly for bipolar patients and children with ADHD. Training for psychiatrists is done via the Internet and is free of charge.


There is a book which does not contain medical information but talks about the story of the daughter of the company’s founder:

Title: A Promise of Hope – The astonishing true story of a woman afflicted with bipolar disorder and the miraculous treatment that cured her

Author: Autumn Stringam

Publisher: Collins

ISBN – 13: 978 – 0 – 00 – 200884 – 6

ISBN – 10: 0 – 00 – 200884 – X


  1. Pfeiffer / Walsh protocol:

This protocol was started by Dr. Pfeiffer in the fifties and sixties. Today it is continued by Dr. Walsh, who is preparing a book, and has updated the protocol. Dr. Pfeiffer has written several books but some information is now dated. The summary of one of his most important books can be found in the Greek section of this website with the title “The importance of orthomolecular nutrition in the treatment of psychiatric disorders”. The Pfeiffer / Walsh protocol uses special obligatory blood and urine tests which are done in the USA and London. In order for a psychiatrist to be trained in this protocol, he or she must attend a 10-day intensive course in the USA or Australia. The tuition fees for this course are approximately 1000 dollars. The Pfeiffer / Walsh protocol is suitable for all psychiatric and children’s psychiatric disorders. For more information, visit or contact telephone number 001-630-596-5095.


  1. Hoffer protocol

This was developed in the fifties and sixties by Dr. Abram Hoffer and is suitable for certain patients with schizophrenia. Dr. Hoffer died recently and his practice in Victoria, Canada is now run by a woman named Francis Fuller. In order to be trained, you have to go there for a couple of days. Francis Fuller’s email address is The website address is:

Of course you can also apply the protocol by following the guidelines outlined in the appropriate book from the list below:

a)      Healing schizophrenia – Complementary vitamin and drug treatments, by Abram Hoffer, published by CCNM Press, ISBN 1-897205-08-4

b)      Orthomolecular Medicine for everyone – Megavitamin therapeutics for families and physicians, by Abram Hoffer and Andrew W. Saul, published by Basic Health Publications Inc., ISBN: 978-1-59120-226-4

c)      (Child psychiatry:) Healing children’s attention and behaviour disorders – Complementary Nutritional and Psychological Treatments, by Abram Hoffer, published by CCNM Press, ISBN: 1-897025-10-6

  1. Equilib protocol

This was derived from the Truehope protocol and is suitable for depression and bipolar disorder. The website is:

Training is free of charge via the Internet. Due to the fact that there isn’t so much information on their website yet, we suggest that psychiatrists also follow the training for the Truehope protocol.

Also, the following is a very useful website for alternative psychiatry:

For orthomolecular child psychiatry, a very useful book is the following:

Title: Healing the new childhood epidemics – Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies – The groundbreaking program for the 4-A disorders

Authors: Kenneth Bock and Cameron Stauth

Publisher: Ballantine Books,New York

ISBN: 978-0-345-49450-4