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Alternative orthomolecular psychiatry is an approach to psychiatry which, instead of conventional psychiatric medications, uses relatively large dosages of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and other natural substances.

Up to now we are aware of five different therapeutic protocols in Greece: the Truehope protocol, the Equilib protocol, the Hoffer protocol, the Pfeiffer/Walsh protocol and the Lazarou protocol.

Orthomolecular psychiatry is derived from orthomolecular medicine , which also uses dosages of vitamins, aminoacids, minerals, and other natural substances. It holds that every organism is biochemically unique and, as a result, every organism needs the natural substances above in individualized dosages. For this reason, orthomolecular physicians usually use special equipment to “ask” each organism what nutrients (vitamins etc) it needs and in what dosages.

Of course, most of the times there can be a combination of alternative orthomolecular psychiatry and conventional psychiatry (with conventional psychiatric medications). In that case, though, we are not talking about “pure” alternative orthomolecular psychiatry, but about mixed (combined) therapeutic protocols. In many cases it has been observed that, when the patient combines conventional psychiatric medications with vitamins and other natural dietary supplements, then considerably smaller dosages of the conventional medications are needed.